Big Bags

With the patented elebia automatic lifting hooks, operations with big bags are safer, easier and faster than ever. Thanks to the automatic hook’s design, it is not necessary for the operator to manipulate the hook. The operator can use both hands to insert the handles, or engage the big bags remotely if used with metal wire slings, making the process faster and safer. Once the bigbag is on the ground, with a push of a button the lifting hook will open, remotely releasing the big bag.

Spring Loaded Latch

Paper Pulp

The paper pulp handling process is now 50% faster with the combination of the automatic lifting hooks and hybrid textile slings. The fail-safe designed safety hook allows a remote release of the cargo keeping operators at a safe distance.

Steel Rebar

The combination of the automatic lifting hooks, the remote release feature and the remote control simplify steel processes making them safer and faster.


In the past, the most safe and efficient way to raise a silo was the silo-truck. Nowadays, thanks to the elebia automatic hook, this is no longer the case. The elebia system allows crane mounted trucks through the entire process of loading, unloading and lifting of the silo safely solving any limitation.

Prefab or Precast Concrete

Thanks to elebia automatic hook, you can hook and release the concrete prefab automatically, without releasing the controls of the crane, thus avoiding any manipulation and displacement.

Steel Coils

Lifting and handling steel has dramatically improved thanks to the elebia automatic hook. The safety hook allows the remote engage and release of the steel coils without having to manipulate the lifting hook. The operator approaches the ring with the magnet, and the magnet catches, centres and orients the ring into the right position. Then the sensor in the magnet detects when the ring is attached and the hook closes remotely, with no intervention needed from the crane operator.


When it comes to wood applications the elebia fail-safe system enhances safety in the loading and unloading process thanks to the the combination of the automatic hook and the remote unloading of the slings or lifting point.

Paper Rolls

Like other breakbulk operations at ports and docks, the unloading process is much faster with the combination of the elebia automatic hook and hybrid slings. The cargo can be released automatically, without the direct intervention of any operator, increasing safety and minimising the risk of injuries of all personnel involved.

Unique Lifting Point

When there is a single lifting point to lift a load, the lifting hooks for cranes represent the best solution. The patented evo hook is equipped with a magnet in its lower section. When the magnet is close to the load, it attracts and correctly positions the sling, masterlink or rigging gear. The operator pushes the control button, the hook closes, catches the ring and lifts the load without any additional handling. Simple!

Choked Sling Recovery

The patented safety hook allows a remote release of the cargo and no chains or hooks with a safety latch are necessary. With the automatic release feature, the need to move up and down the truck bed or having to climb to elevated and dangerous places and heights to release a choked sling is eliminated.

Textile Slings with Metal Wiring

Combining the new elebia textile slings with metal wiring (round, tubular), with the automatic crane hooks solves the remote engage and remote release of long loads. The slings with wire rope allow the automatic hook to attract and orient and easily engage with the magnet.

Extreme Working Environments

The automatic hooks offer different solutions for extreme working conditions and environments, such as a heat shield that protects the hook and its electronic components from radiated heat and and extended temperature working range.

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