NEO50 - Big Just Got Bigger!

NEO50 Lifting Hook


The NEO50 is not only the perfect solution for lifting and transporting bell furnaces, it is also the best option for oversized liftings points of up to 130mmØ. With its 50.000 kgs. (110,231 lbs.) lifting capacity and advanced safety and productivity features, the NEO50 lifting hook is the smartest lifting solution yet.

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Introducing… The C5!

The Automatic Lifting Clamps

The C5 lifting clamps are ideal for lifting and moving steel plates,
beams or pipes thanks to the automatic remote release feature
and failsafe design. Lift and transport with the C5 automatic
release lifting clamps in a safe & secure manner, minimising risks,
enhancing safety and increasing productivity in your operations.

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Product Configurator

Configure your automatic crane hook, lifting clamps
or lifting hook for bell furnaces based on your needs

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How does it work?

The elebia automatic hook will boost the safety and productivity of your cranes

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  • how it works
  • how it works

Above and beyond traditional release hooks

  • Fail-safe Design. Impossible to drop suspended loads
  • Allows you to attach and release loads remotely
  • Increases productivity, safety and comfort
  • Control multiple remote hooks
  • Indication of total weight and of each individual hook
  • Alarms (overload, unbalanced weight...)
  • Track and register every single event and operation
  • Export data via USB to spreadsheet

Faster, Safer, Better

Increase productivity, safety and comfort with our our automatic safety hook.


Check out how elebia can help you increase productivity and enhance safety in your industry


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