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· Currently, handling and moving this cargo carries intrinsic risks for operators who intervene when engaging and disengaging the lifting chains from the containers. Specifically, on oil platforms during the loading and unloading of containers from a supply ship.

· The ship’s movement, along with the handling capacity of the crane operator, generate instability and insecurity due to the relative movement between platform and ship in the positioning of the containers.

· This often causes impacts with other containers or metal structures of the cargo ship.

· Close to 1/3 of incidents in offshore platforms are related to the lifting process.


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How Does the Hookbot Work?

· The Hookbot is an autonomous remote-controlled robot that allows the remote movement on a flat surface with obstacles.

· It is a simple, compact, robust and fail-safe robot which carries an evo20 automatic hook and hangs from the crane’s hook.

· The crane operator will be limited to simply manoeuvring and placing the robot on the ship’s deck, where the Hookbot takes the ship’s reference and eliminates the positional variability, and absorbing the relative movement between platform and ship.

· The remote-controlled robot automatically engages and releases the container’s lifting ring thanks to the vertical and angular adjustment of the evo20 crane hook.

· Productivity is enhanced during the manoeuvring process, and no modification to the currently used containers is required.

· All functions are controlled remotely, reducing the need of personnel involved to zero, reaching the ultimate goal of an UNMANNED PLATFORM.


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