Elebia Big Bags

Instead of having the usual 4 corner loops, we’ve redesigned the traditional big bag to adapt it to our automatic lifting hooks for cranes. The bags have two side handles and a central elebia sling which incorporates the metal wiring inside. This allows the patented automatic hook to attract and orient the central sling. It only needs just one unique lifting point to engage and elevate the load with the elebia big bags.

Thanks to the automatic hook’s design, it is not necessary for the operator to manipulate the hook. The operator can use both hands to insert the handles, or engage the big bags remotely if used with metal wire slings, making the process faster and safer. Once the bigbag is on the ground, with a push of a button the lifting hook will open, remotely releasing the big bag.

In addition, the elebia bags allow you to easily load two bulk bags in each operation. This obviously helps in increasing and enhancing the productivity of the manoeuvring operation. The restyled big bags are ideal for bulk material process plants, minimising handling, from filling, internal transport, storage and dispatch.

The automatic crane hooks and the specially redesigned and fitted elebia big bag allow for the manoeuvring operation to be a much faster, safer and comfortable experience.

Get a clearer view of how the process of engaging and remotely releasing big bags can be handled easily with our automatic hooks.

Size: 90 x 90 x 100 cm./35.43 x 35.43 x 39.37 in.

It can also be produced to meet customer specifications.

Big Bags


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