Success Story: Electrodes Handling

Success Stories

22 March, 2019

Electrodes Handling

The lifting and transporting process of electrodes in an electric arc furnace is not an easy task. In our latest example of how automated processes improve safety and increase productivity in different lifting operations, two patented evo10c automatic lifting hooks with Power Magnet and Rigid Safety Latch along with a Heat Shield ensured that the complete electrodes handling process of the electrodes was successful.

The two evo10c automatic lifting hooks were set-up with a power magnet and rigid safety latch to ease the approach and positioning on the electrodes’s lifting point while the heat shield protected the hook and its electronic components from the radiated heat and extended the temperature working range.

The safety hooks were also equipped with the position encoder which informed of the hook’s position during the complete process and the load cell represented an additional safety measure as it controlled and informed of the weight that was being lifted during the different stages of the process. Last but not least, a higher working temperature range battery (evo1700T), able to support temperatures of up to 80ºC/176ºF, was used to withstand the high temperature.

Get a clearer view of the complete process in the below video and don’t forget to check the evo automatic lifting hook product page here.