Success Story: Plywood Block Board Handling Solution

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23 May, 2017

With 20 years experience, RCT Stevedoring offers efficient solutions for loading, unloading of vessels and storage of cargo. Based in Willebroek, Belgium, along the Antwerp-Brussels Sea Canal, they ensure a high level of flexibility. To keep themselves as a state of the art company, they have introduced a full set of the newest evo2 automatic hooks (SWL 2.5T) to equip its spreader to load plywood block boards into vessels using textile ropes or slings which will remain with the cargo in the vessel.

Increasing safety is the aim while keeping the operators away from the cargo when the automatic release is executed. Since manpower is drastically reduced, there are direct savings in labour, as well as an important increase in productivity which is estimated at 25%.

Plywood 1024x677 - Success Story: Plywood Block Board Handling Solution

In different simulations carried out at RTC’s facilities, 8 elebia evo2 automatic hooks released 8 ropes/slings in less than 5 seconds with no need for human intervention whereas the exact same process took around 20 seconds when performed manually by 2 operators.

The elebia automatic hooks are the most flexible automatic system in the market, minimising risks, enhancing safety and increasing productivity.

No installation, no maintenance, no worries. Simple.

Check out the result below.

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