Big Bags & Textile Slings Handling Solution

11 June, 2013

Big Bags & Textile Slings Handling Solution

SERVIMAD, a family owned company with more than 75 years of experience and specialised in maritime transport explains their success story after equiping their cranes with the elebia automatic crane hooks.

The patented evo automatic hooks range from the 2.5 tons capacity of the evo2 crane hook to 25 tons capacity and allow you to hook on and release any load remotely.

The patented safety hook is equipped with a magnet in its lower section. When the magnet is close to the load, it attracts and correctly positions the sling. The operator pushes the control button, the hook closes, catches the ring and lifts the load without any additional handling.

We’ve spoken with Mr. Joaquin Perez the Managing Director of SERVIMAD Málaga, and thiese are some of his remarks:

…”The elebia automatic crane hook has been a great discovery for us…”
…”We’ve doubled our productivity thanks to the elebia automatic hooks…”
…”Thanks to this great cost reduction, we’ve won new customers…”
…”Our customers have now a competitive advantage to export their products…”
…”We are now planning to use the elebia big bags and textile slings, to have minimum human intervention…”

Increase in Productivity

The following table compares the productivity of three working methods:

1. Traditional: Traditional hooks and traditional bigbags and slings.

2. elebia Hybrid: elebia automatic hooks and traditional big bags or slings.

3. elebia system: elebia automatic hooks and elebia big bags or textile lifting slings.

1- traditional 2- elebia hybrid 3- elebia system
hook on 8 people 8 people 2 people
release 8 people 0 people 0 people
hook on 2 min 2 min 20 seconds
release 2 min 7 seconds 7 seconds
risk yes reduced minimum
time per operation 6 min 4 min 2 min
loss to split load 15 min/h 10 min/h 10 min/h
big bags 150 u/h 300 u/h 600 u/h

* Average data from different customers, using 1 crane with 1 spreader beam and 24 automatic hooks.

In this video you can see SERVIMAD working with elebia automatic hooks and elebia big bags. (elebia system).

June 2013

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