elebia, the automatic hook of the future, will boost the safety and productivity of your cranes. elebia, the most innovative crane hook ever, allows you to hook on and release any load remotely. The patented automatic hook is equipped with a magnet in its lower section. When the magnet is close to the load, it attracts and correctly positions the sling. The operator pushes the control button, the hook closes, catches the ring and lifts the load without any additional handling. The automatic crane hook works with cable slings, chains slings, master links, textile slings and even big bags. With the unique elebia automatic hook, you will be able to pick up and release loads remotely, avoiding any handling and moving, minimising risks, enhancing safety and increasing productivity.

How does it work?

The automatic safety hook lifts and releases the load remotely. The remote crane hook generates a magnetic field that attracts and orients the sling, masterlink or rigging gear. The operator then presses the “close” button on the remote control to automatically close the hook, without any manual intervention, operating remotely from a safe distance.

Automatic crane hook


Release Hook

A sensor in the magnet indicates when the ring is in position. All this information is recorded in the eMAX remote control that acts as a hub gathering all the information and recording all the activity of the hook.


Crane Hook

We’ve redesigned the high capacity battery to improve efficiency and minimise energy consumption of the automatic hook. The battery is fully charged in 3 hours, and allows up to 5,000 cycles or 250 hours in standby mode.


Remote Hook

The new gearmotor allows you to release up to 20 kg. (40.09 lbs.) There will be no more problems with heavy rigging and with the precise electronic torque control, you can adjust the release limit. It is also clutch protected from overloads.



Remote Release Hook

Designed to work in the toughest conditions (steelworks, ports, low temperatures) and built with the best materials. WELDOX body of high strength steel, forged hook type T or V.

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Failsafe Design

The elebia automatic hook was designed to enhance safety and increase productivity. It is designed under a failsafe principle. The automatic hook CAN NOT drop a suspended load. This is a feature of all
our designs, geometrically failsafe, without any sensors or electric components.

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Crane Hooks


  • 2,5000 kg./5,511 lbs.

  • 5,000 kg./11,023 lbs.

  • 10,000 kg./22,046 lbs.

  • 10,000 kg./22,046 lbs.

  • 20,000 kg./44,092 lbs.

  • 25,000 kg./55,115 lbs.

Magnetic System

The elebia automatic hooks come with a unique magnetic system, formed by 32 neodymium permanent magnets placed in a precise configuration that generate an oriented magnetic field with 3 functions: attract, center and orient the masterlink. This basic component, which is present in all our automatic hooks, is what allows the remote engage of loads.

Other options can also be configured with the automatic hooks:

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Automatic Release Hook

Magnet Sensor

Automatic Hook with Magnet Sensor A sensor in the magnet indicates when the masterlink is attached to it. This info is displayed in the eMAX remote control. Units with the magnet sensor can be configured in ‘Autoclose Mode’: the hook will automatically close when the magnet sensor detects the ring is in position. The magnet sensor’s sensitivity/trigger level can be adjusted to customer needs.

Recommended for: Applications where it is difficult to see the lifting point. Automated processes, as the magnet sensor info can be used by the PLC controlling the crane.

Power Magnet

Automatic Hook with Power Magnet Increased magnetic power.

Recommended for: Applications where the lifting point is weakly attracted by the magnet (some stainless steels). Applications where the hook is below a long wire rope, and a lot of swinging makes it difficult to catch the masterlink.

Power Magnet & Rigid Safety Latch

Automatic Hook with Safety Latch Instead of the standard safety latch (movable, spring loaded), this is a fixed latch, forming a complete closed loop along with the automatic hook.

Recommended for: Applications where the lifting points are fixed rings (eyebolts, handles, etc…).

Void, No Magnets

Automatic Hook with no Magnet No magnetic system.

Recommended for: Applications where only a remote release is needed.

Weighing Scale

The complete range of automatic hooks can be upgraded with a load cell to weigh the load that is being lifted. This load cell is precise, reliable, rugged, compact and fully integrated into the hook, representing no increase in weight or dimensions of the unit. The load cell is highly recommended for preventing overloads and for load control. Load cells can also be retrofitted into older models of our hooks.

The load cell in combination with the eMAX remote control transforms all of our hooks into a precise weighing scale with advanced features.

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Load cell for automatic hook



evo2 – Ref.Option LC2 evo5 – Ref.Option LC5 evo10 – Ref.Option LC10 evo20 – Ref.Option LC20 evo25 – Ref.Option LC25
Load Cell Type Compression / Flexion Ring Compression / Flexion Ring Compression / Flexion Ring Traction Traction
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Protection IP67 (EN60529) IP67 (EN60529) IP67 (EN60529) IP67 (EN60529) IP67 (EN60529)
Nominal Capacities (Ln) 2,500 5,000 10,000 20,000 25,000 Kg
Precision Class 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 %
Minimum Dead Load 0 0 0 0 0 %Ln
Service Load 120 120 120 120 120 %Ln
Ultimate Load 500 500 500 400 400 %Ln
Total Error < ±0.2 < ±0.2 < ±0.2 < ±0.2 < ±0.2 %Sn
Repeatability Error < ±0.04 < ±0.06 < ±0.08 < ±0.08 < ±0.08 %Sn
Temperature Effect
on zero < ±0.01 < ±0.01 < ±0.01 < ±0.01 < ±0.01 %Sn/5ºK
on sensitivity < ±0.01 < ±0.01 < ±0.01 < ±0.01 < ±0.01 %Sn/5ºK
Creep Error (30 min.) < ±0.03 < ±0.03 < ±0.03 < ±0.03 < ±0.03 %Sn
Temperature Compensation -20 ºC to 50 ºC -20 ºC to 50 ºC -20 ºC to 50 ºC -20 ºC to 50 ºC -20 ºC to 50 ºC ºC
Temperature Limits -30 ºC to 70 ºC -30 ºC to 70 ºC -30 ºC to 70 ºC -30 ºC to 70 ºC -30 ºC to 70 ºC ºC
Nominal Sensitivity (Sn) 2 ±0.25% 2 ±0.25% 2 ±0.25% 1 ±0.25% 1 ±0.25% mV/V
Nominal Input Voltage 10 10 10 10 10 V
Maximum Input Voltage 15 15 15 15 15 V
Input Impedance 800 ±30 800 ±30 800 ±30 800 ±30 800 ±30
Output Impedance 700 ±5 700 ±5 700 ±5 700 ±5 700 ±5
No Load Input < ±2 < ±2 < ±2 < ±2 < ±2 %Sn
Insulation Resistance > 5,000 > 5,000 > 5,000 > 5,000 > 5,000 M
Maximum Deflection (at Ln) 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.3 0.3 mm

Position Encoder

The innovative position encoder has been integrated into the evo10, evo20 and evo25 automatic hooks representing an added safety element in all lifting operations. The position encoder highlights a technical upgrade of our remote hooks, as it allows to know the exact angular position of the hook at any given moment thanks the information relayed to the eMAX remote control.

This important feature comes in very handy in operations where the operator can not see the hook’s position. The automatic hook’s status is displayed on the eMAX remote control, transmitting real time information to the operator.

With the position encoder and the eMAX remote control, the user is always aware of the hook’s status (open/closed) and is informed with the buzzer/vibrator and display features of the eMAX if the load is not placed correctly on the safety hook. (e.g. tip of the hook)

With the position encoders’ specifications, the chances of impacts are reduced, the life-span of the motor and clutch increase and most importantly, safety is enhanced in all lifting operations.

The position encoder can be retrofitted into older units of the evo10, evo20 and evo25 (*except for versions with a spring loaded latch)

position encoder for automatic hook

Special Environments

The standard automatic hook units are rugged, designed and built to work in almost
every industry. For special environments, you have the following options:


Automatic hook for marine environment

C5M Painting and AISI components.

Recommended for: 

Marine Environments


Offshore Wind Turbines, Onboard Cranes, Buoys

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Automatic Hook with DNV certification

DNV 2.22 certification for Offshore lifting appliances.

Recommended for:

Offshore Operations


Offshore Wind Turbines, Onboard Cranes

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Automatic Hooks with ATEX certification

Units with IECEx certification for zones 1 & 21 according to European Directive 2014/34/EU and IECEx international standards.
IECEx certification to work on sites classified as zone 1 & zone 21 according to the European Directive 99/92/EC and IECEx international standards.

Recommended for:

Operations in potentially explosive atmospheres


Oil & Gas, Mining & Chemical

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Heat Shield

Automatic Hook with Heat Shield

Heat shield that protects the automatic hook and its electronic components from radiated heat and extended temperature working range.

Recommended for: 

Operations where the automatic hooks are subject to extremely elevated temperatures and radiated heat



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Regulatory Standards 

Our products certify with the following regulatory standards

ASME B30.10-2009 UNE-EN 60204-1:2007 D89/391/EEC
ASME B30.20-2010 UNE-EN 61000-6-4:2007 D89/654/EEC
UNE-EN 1050 UNE-EN 61000-6-4:2006 D89/655/EEC
UNE-EN 1677-1:2001 + A1:2009 UNE-EN ISO12100:2012 D89/656/EEC
UNE-EN 1677-2:2001 + A1:2008 EN 10204 3.1.B D92/58/EEC 9a

· Directive on Machine Safety (D2006/42/EC)

· Assurance of Production Quality in accordance with ISO9001

· DNV 2.22 certified (evo5 / evo10 / evo20)

· Each mechanism is delivered with the CE stamp and a declaration of CE conformity

· 100% of the automatic hooks are load tested at 125% WLL and magnetic particles inspected

· elebia is a member of F.E.M. (European Federation of Materials Handling)

auto hook

The Bumper

Meet the BUMPER.

The new accessory for our evo2 to evo20 range of automatic hooks, designed to protect your automatic crane hooks from all sort of impacts.

Valid for:
evo2, evo5, evo10c, evo10 and evo20 models.

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