Success Story: Adjustable Lifting Beam

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25 April, 2018

French-based Bucher Vaslin designs, manufactures, and sells processes and materials exclusively intended for the transformation of grapes to wine ready for marketing. Since the very beginning, Bucher Vaslin has innovated and developped products designed to fit the needs of the wine-making world and in its continuous search for quality, are constantly on the look-out to adapt their products and processes to make them even more efficient, easier to use and more cost effective.

In their research to simplify and enhance the winemaking process, 14T Pneumatic Grape Presses are lifted and transported from one area of the warehouse to another. For this purpose, Bucher Vaslin has designed and adjustable 16T lifting capacity beam for this process. The distance between the automatic lifting hooks can be adjusted and modified based on the model of the pneumatic grape press which is being used at any given moment. Once the distance between the hooks has been adjusted, the lifting beam is levelled and fixed so there is no unnecessary balancing during the lifting and transportation of the presses.

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With this adjustable beam, and with the automatic engage and release feature of the patented automatic hooks, the company has seen an increase in productivity of up to 50% as the different maneuvering processes can be handled by a single beam along with the use of the two evo10 automatic lifting hooks.

Not only is the lifting & maneouvering faster, at the same time security has been enhanced with the use of remote release hooks, which engage and release the pneumatic presses remotely, maintaining operators at a safe distance from the load during the complete lifting process.

Check out the whole process below.

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