Advantages of the Automatic Hook

The advantages of the automatic hook include the increase in productivity, enhancement of safety and much more comfort in your lifting operations.

  • It is possible to hook and unhook remotely
    • elebia eliminates the need to move up and down the truck bed or climb to elevated and dangerous places
      • The user can choose the most convenient slinging method for each application: metal rings, cable slings, textile slings, etc.
        • The elebia system will improve the overall productivity, safety and comfort of your lifting operations
          • Increased productivity:
            • – Less time invested in operations (loading and unloading)
              – Risk of injuries is minimised
              – Less personnel is necessary
              – No costs for additional machinery (basket lift, forklift, etc.)

            • Safety enhancements:
              • – Elimination of possible accidents in operations with altitude
                – Reduced injuries and chronic ailments by eliminating repetitive movements
                – Elimination of possible hand injuries (cuts, crushing, etc.) by not having to manipulate slings and other lifting accessories
                – Avoiding the handling of toxic and radiation materials
                – Operators not exposed directly to extremely elevated temperatures

              • Comfort:
                • – The automatic hook increases user comfort in all operations
                  – Improved working conditions