Crane Size Calculator: What It Is and What It Measures


12 April, 2021

If you have any load and you want to move it from point A to point B, it can be daunting to calculate the cost associated with it. When calculating the right crane to use in your project, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind.

What is a crane size calculator?

This equipment is produced to estimate the necessary requirements, determine the logistical viability and the costs associated when you hire mobile cranes. It is worth noting that each lifting exercise is different and only qualified appointed personnel should determine the suitable crane type to be used. 

With features such as the weight lifting calculator, they can determine the crane weight that can support the load. In case you are wondering how the load weight is measured, it is done through the use of the load capacity calculator. Including every information about the load and the crane is the main function of this essential equipment.

What does it measure?

With many variables to consider when calculating the right crane size you need, three important factors stand out: The radius, weight and height.

  • Radius. The radius is measured in metres and it entails the distance between the lift. The radius is measured starting from the crane’s center to the center of gravity of the load.
  • Weight. Right off the bat, what is the weight of the load that requires lifting? Using the weight lift calculator the weight of the load is measured and thus determines the crane size to be used.
  • Height. The height is measured based on how high the load needs to be lifted.
  • Other factors affecting crane sizes.
  • Hook block configuration. Before lifting any item the correct hook configuration is determined by the lifting calculator. Several factors play a part and these include the load being lifted and its weight. Hook blocks vary depending on their weights which plays a key role when determining the overall lift capacity.
  • Obstructions. These include overhead cables, railways, buildings and underground services which affect where the crane will be set up. This can result in increasing the radius thus affecting everything ultimately to the size.
  • Tackle. In some cases, there are other equipments added to enable carrying the load such as spreader beams. This can take its turn on the weight and thus affect the crane size to be used.

Examples of crane size calculator

Here we leave some examples of crane size calculators: 

  • Boom truck cranes. These are designed for lighter lifting and can travel through highways. Boom trucks come in several kinds that are boom truck cranes that are mounted on conventional chassis, others are mounted on fifth wheel tractors and others are mounted at the rear of trucks. They involve any crane mounted on vehicles.
  • Rough terrain crane. These are 2-3 axled machines that are mounted on an undercarriage to facilitate their transport. This crane is designed to drive in rough ground conditions and they can lift a load and drive with it. They cannot drive through highways.
  • Heavy lift cranes. Just like the name suggests these are responsible for all heavy lifting tasks. Though their capacities differ some can carry up to 10000 tonnes.
  • Specialist cranes. These are specifically designed to lift specific loads with unique handling requirements.

As time progresses there is the discovery of new inventions in this industry. With companies such as elebia and the evo range of automatic hooks on the forefront to ensure they produce automated products that enhance security, minimize risks and increase production. 

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