Accessories for Automatic Hooks


The Bumper

the automatic hook bumper 267x300 - Accessories

Meet the BUMPER. The new accessory for our automatic hooks. Protect your automatic hook against impacts, scratches and day-to-day wear. More

Heat Shield

Heat Shield 267x300 - Accessories

Heat shield that protects the automatic hook and all its electronic components from radiated heat and extremely elevated temperatures. More


atexiecex - Accessories

ATEX/IECEx certified products are essential in any location that may contain, or has activities that produce explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres. More

DNV Certification

DNV certification 1 267x300 - Accessories

Our evo5, evo 10 & evo20 automatic hooks have been found to comply with the DNG·GL Standard for Certification No. 2.22 Lifting Appliances. More


e5 marine environment 200x300 - Accessories

C5M coating and AISI components. C5M Marine environments present the toughest conditions and require highly durable systems. More

elebia Slings

elebia slings 267x300 - Accessories

elebia slings are textile slings that incorporate a metal strip in its inside allowing the automatic hook to attract and orientate the sling. More

evo2 Top Link

Captura de pantalla 2017 11 27 a las 13.43.52 - Accessories

The system that links the evo2 automatic hook with the crane can be customized in order to adapt itself to any kind of situation. More

Swivel Lock

Swivel lock 267x300 - Accessories

The swivel lock allows you to block the top swivel at any desired position. Ideal for applications when a fixed orientation of the hook is desired. More

Flip-up Belt

flip up belt e1487687270292 300x225 - Accessories
The flip-up belt has been designed to carry and store the eMAX remote control. The remote control is protected while it is not being used and the operator can move freely. When necessary, the operator simply flips up the eMAX remote control, adjusting its position and orientation to monitor its activity while keeping his hands free.

For more information see the following video

Flight Case

flightcase copia 2 1 300x225 - Accessories
Transport your automatic hooks and accessories anywhere you need safely and comfortably with the customised flight cases.

elebia Big Bag

big bag 265x300 - Accessories

We’ve redesigned the bulk bag with two side handles and a central elebia sling, which incorporates the metal insert. More